2017 Winter Comp – Round 13 Results

Click on the following link to view results from last night – League Stats & Ladder page

Bonus points from Monday’s meeting have been added accordingly.

I’m also still looking for 2 adjudicators for the doubles this weekend (Saturday @ the Basement and Sunday @ Labor Club)……. If you can help out please let me know otherwise the players in the groups will have to run the group themselves. Thanks

Annual General Meeting

ACTEBA will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday 9 October 2017, commencing at 7pm at the Harmonie German Club Canberra.

Any notices of motion should be submitted in writing to sec@acteba.com.au by no later than 9 September 2017.

All members are invited to attend, either in person, or via proxy.

2017 Open Doubles – Rd 1 Groups

Happy father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.

Click on following to download groups for Round 1 of the Open Doubles starting next weekend – 2017 Open Doubles – Round 1 Groups

The following 8 Seeds have a bye round 1

Open Doubles - 8 Seeds

Please Note: Some venues are yet to be confirmed so you venue may change and if so you will be notified.

See above your group for start time…… all groups are a round robin x 3, with the top 4 pairs proceeding to round 2.

I’m looking for Adjudicators for all groups……. If you can help let me know?

Final Teams – Game 2 – 2017 ACTEBA State of Origin

Hi All,

Final teams for Game 2 of the 2017 ACTEBA State of Origin have been confirmed and can be viewed here: SOO Game 2 Final Teams

If you believe your name should be on the list but isn’t please contact Robin Butler for Southern Guns or Tammie Ashlin for the Northern Potters.

Any general enquiries can be sent to Graham at atd@acteba.com.au

Game 2 will be played Saturday September 2nd at the Harmonie German Club with divisions 5, 4, and 3 starting at 2.30pm and divisions 2 and 1 starting at 6pm.

See you there! Up the Potters!!!

2017 Winter Comp – Round 12 results

Click on the following link to view results from round 12 played last night – League Stats & Ladder Page

2017 Winter Comp – Round 11 Results

Click on following to view Results after round 11 last night –

2017 Ladies Doubles – Round 1 Groups

Click on following to download groups for the 2017 Ladies Doubles being played at the Harmonie German Club This Saturday (10.30am for 11am start).

Ladies Doubles – Groups Rd 1

Format is a round robin x 4, with the Top 2 pairs from each group going through to a Top 4 playoff on Sunday.

Thanks to Phil Morton and Ian Stanley for Adjudicating over the weekend.

Good luck to all players

2017 Winter Comp – Round 10 Results

Click on following link to view results from last night – League Stats & Ladder page

Note: Bonus points from August meeting have been added. There has also been some adjustments to one team in Div 4 due to late payment of fees.

Also, please ignore the frame win % of the Eagles in Div 2 …… the system isn’t calculated correctly but will be fixed by the developer ASAP. So Jacks will be 2nd, Balls Deep All Stars 3rd and Eagles 4th

2017 Open Doubles ***Entries Close 30/8/17***

Click through to view entry form and details for the 2017 Open Doubles event.

ONLY 1 PERSON IN THE PAIR NEEDS TO REGISTER ON BEHALF OF BOTH PLAYERS – Please check with your partner before entering!

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Sit your Umpires Exam – 27 August 2017



Steve Phillips and Penny Foudoulis will be at Harmonie German Club at 2pm, 27 August 2017, to help you pass your umpires test. We will run through a few scenarios and examples and then sit the test. It won’t take long at all.

Below is a list of members with current accreditation. The ones in BOLD are those whose Umpires Accreditation are due to expire before Nationals begins on 9 November 2017.


Expiring before Nationals

Mongrel – 1/07/2017

Tammie Ashlin – 31/07/0217

Michael Masal – 1/08/2017

James Southwell – 1/08/2017

Jason Tanaskovic – 1/08/2017

Ann Moimoi – 1/08/2017

Matt Kendrick – 1/09/2017

Mick Norton – 1/09/2017

Brent Hampton – 1/09/2017

Anthony Chia – 1/09/2017

Jeremy Smith – 1/09/2017

Greg Murphy – 1/09/2017

Ian Stanley – 1/09/2017

Paul Berger – 1/10/2017

Paul Carlile – 1/10/2017

Nicole Welsh – 1/10/2017

Heather Robertson – 31/10/2017

Rolf Bandte – 31/10/2017

Ted Mallowes – 31/10/2017

Cindy Blackmore – 31/10/2017

Theresa Whitten – 31/10/2017

Bethany Ross – 31/10/2017



Margaret Auva’a – 1/03/2018

Tolovae – 31/03/2018

Phil Morton – 30/09/2018

JR Pagden – 31/10/2018

Kathy Harmon – 31/10/2018

Matt Harmon – 31/10/2018

Neil Whitbred – 31/10/2018

Phil Bailey – 31/10/2018

Robin Butler – 31/10/2018

Ruth Stone – 31/10/2018

Scott Gee – 31/10/2018

Trent Billington – 31/10/2018

Kenny Nicol – 1/09/2019

Lesieli O’Connor – 1/09/2019

Penny Foudoulis – 31/10/2019

Sithu Lwin – 31/10/2019

Brendon Smith – 1/07/2020

Colin Gamble – 1/07/2020

Graham O’Connell – 1/07/2020

Hamish McCarthy – 1/07/2020

Jakk Phillips – 1/07/2020

Peter Smith – 1/07/2020

Richard Yonan – 1/07/2020

Shane Smith – 1/07/2020

Sidney Scott – 1/07/2020

Steve Phillips – 1/07/2020


If you don’t see your name on this list at all, it means you don’t currently have an umpires accreditation. Please join us on 27 August 2017 to sit your test!


Reminder: All State Players must pass their test before playing Nationals!


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