2016 Ladies Doubles Entry Form ***Entries Close 27/8/16***

Click through to see entry form and info for the 2016 Ladies Double.

Note: The format is likely to be a round robin over two days on the first weekend with all entries (so plan on playing two days on first weekend) and the Top 4 returning on the following weekend. This will all depend on final entries!

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2016 ACTEBA State of Origin – Game 3 Update

It seems that some Captains have listed their players address’s wrong which has affected the State of Origin teams. Also, one suburb was listed in the wrong zone which has also affected the team.

So there has been about 8 changes to the teams, either players swapping zones or dropping out of the teams unfortunately.

Click on below link to download corrected teams, you team captains should be in touch soon.

2016 ACTEBA State of Origin – Match 3 Players (.xls)

2016 ACTEBA State of Origin – Match 3 Players (.pdf)

If you are interested in being captain of your division, please let me

2016 Winter Comp – Round 11 Results

Clikc on following link to see results after round 11 – League Stats & Ladder Page

2016 Open Doubles – Round 3 Results & Top 8

Click on following to view result from Round 3 of the 2016 Open Doubles which was played over the weekend.

Open Doubles_2016 – Round 3 Results

2016 Open Doubles – Final 8

Congratulation to the pairs that have made it through to the Top 8 in ACT.

The Top 8 will play off this Saturday (20th August) at the Harmonie German Club starting at 11am. It will be a round robin x 4 with the Top 4 pairs returning on Sunday to playoff for the Doubles Title.

2016 Winter Comp – Round 10 Results

Click through to the League Stats and Ladders Page which has been updated after round 10 played on Wednesday night -League Stats & Ladder page

2016 Open Doubles – Rd 2 results & Rd 3 Groups

Congratulations to the pairs that have progressed through to the Top 16 of the 2016 Open Doubles Championships. Click on below to download results from the weekends play.

Open Doubles_2016 – Round 2 Results

Round 3 (Top 16) is played this Saturday and Sunday…. click on following link to download groups to see which day you are on. Both groups are at the Harmonie German Club and play will start at 11am both days. It is round robin x 4 in this round with top 4 pairs from each group progressing to the final 8 the following Saturday.2016 Open Doubles – Round 3 Groups

I had some people request a particular day…. unfortunately I couldn’t accommodate all of the request as it would have made the groups too uneven.

2016 Winter Comp – Round 9 Results

Click on following link to view results after round 9 last night – League Stats & Ladder Page

Note: I haven’t received score sheet for Div 5 match between Push the Cush and Neil & Bob….. so your stats haven’t been updated (please send through ASAP).

Also bonus points were added after Monday’s meeting. Some team didn’t receive full points as they were either not at the meeting or didn’t send through all results each week.

2016 Open Doubles – Rd 1 results & Rd 2 groups

See below link results from round 1 of the 2016 Open Doubles and groups for round 2 this weekend.

Open Doubles_2016 – Round 1 Results

2016 Open Doubles – Round 2 Groups

Congratulations to those pairs that have progress through. Thank you for your patience as well especially the groups playing at a two table venue.

Round 2 is a round robin x 3, with the Top 4 pairs progressing to round 3 (top 16) the following weekend. All groups start at 11am except Chisholm which starts at 10.30am. Not all pairs have got their preferred days, this is only guaranteed for the first round.

Good luck.

2016 ACT Open Singles Champion & Top 4 Results

Click through for Results and videos from the 2016 Open Singles Top 4

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2016 Winter Comp – Round 8 Results

Click on following link to see results from round 8 – League Stats & Ladder page

Good luck to all players in this weekend’s doubles. A reminder that some groups start at 10.30am and others 11am….. so please check your group – 2016 Open Doubles – Round 1 Groups

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