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Div 2 Champions



1996 Legends # 1
1997 Chisholm Tavern
1998 Workers Club Nomads Chisholm Tavern
1999 Pendos Schroomptons Lanyon Valley Breakers Yeah Butts
2000 Scurvy Dogs Chisholm Tavern Pendos Scorpions
2001 Petes Tavern Gladiators Labor Club Whalers Vikings Warriors Labor Club Whalers
2002 Ainslie Roos Lanyon Warriors Southland Streakers Petes Tavern Whalers
2003 City Club Sharks Pendos Team Gecko Pete’s Tavern Gladiators Pendos Schroomptons
2004 Raiders Hammerheads Viking Warriors Jackpot Couch Potatoes Pete’s Tavern Scorpions
2005 Viking Warriors Chisholm Tavern Viking Warriors Chisholm Tavern
2006 Pendos Filthy Lizards Chisholm Tavern Serbian Club Cheetahs Labor Club Whalers
2007 Coolabar Filthy Lizards The Basement DV8s Pendo’s Schroomptons Chisholm Tavern
2008 Chisholm Tavern Basement DV8s Coolbar Schroomptons Chisholm Tavern
2009 Maram Snipers Kaleen Pidos Basement DV8s Southern Cross Pidos
2010 Chisholm Tavern Southern Cross Pirates Kaleen Pidos Basement DV8’s
2011 Chisholm Tavern Filthy Wanderers Basement DV8s Kaleen Pidos
2012 Ojo’s KAOS Southern Cross Crackpots Kaleen Pidos Viking Warriors
2013 Vikings Warriors Vikings Wanderers Kaleen Pidos Basement DV8s
2014  Ojo’s KAOS Vikings Warriors Basement DV8s Vikings Wanderers
2015  Fyshwick Tavern Avengers Ojo’s KAOS Burns Club Schroomptons Wandering Elephants
2016  Harmonie German Club Crackpots The Basement Budgie Smugglers  Ojo’s KAOS Burns Club Schroomptons
2017  Harmonie German Club DV8s Kaleen Bar & Bistro Tonkas