2015 State Trials rules changes


After discussion amongst the State Executive Committee, the following changes will be implemented for next year’s Open State Trials.

1. All frames will be timed. Players will be required to keep time for their opponents, and call “30 seconds” or apply time fouls as appropriate.

2. Due to many groups being run in licensed premises, and to improve the image of ACTEBA in the wider community, a dress code for State Trials players will now be mandatory. Players are required to wear a collared shirt, closed black shoes, and dark business pants or skirt.

3. All players are required to register their arrival on the day 60 (sixty) minutes before the scheduled start of play. If you are not registered with the adjudicator at this time, you will not play.

4. Instead of the breaking player alternating between rounds, players may elect to randomly choose who breaks each round, either by coin toss or rock/paper/scissors.

5. A new results reporting system will be implemented. Instead of the winning player reporting verbally to the adjudicator, results will be entered into a PC or laptop at the adjudicator’s area. Players will be required to carry an RFID swipe card, and use it to report results. This system will also schedule matches, and display realtime results on a data projector or plasma screen (depending on the venue).

6. All Top 32 seeeded players must adjudicate a Round 1 group. Alternately, they may choose to be roving referees, or Refreshment Coordinators (see below.)

7. In an effort to speed up play and avoid players spending excessive time away from the playing area, a Refreshment Coordinator will be appointed to each group, who will fill food and beverage orders from players (as long as they can be filled without the Coordinator leaving the premises.)

8. Force Majeure – if a player completes Round 1 without losing a frame, they will be automatically granted a Wild Card entry into this year’s State Team. Players who complete Round 2 without losing a frame will be granted a Wild Card entry into the Australian Team, and players who complete Round 3 without losing a frame will be drug tested.

9. In the event of a tie for first, second, third or fourth positions after the end of four rounds, players may elect to break the deadlock with a single “off-hand” game (right-handers play with their left hand, and vice-versa), rather than a best-of-three knockout.

10. All frames will be videotaped, and a video-referee system implemented. At the end of the day’s play, the video adjudicator will award the “Most Awesome Shot of the Day” trophy, and the winner will be entitled to a free beverage of their choice.

11. At the end of the tournament, a small awards ceremony will be held, with prizes in the following categories: “Best Frame of the Tournament”, “Jaggiest Shot Ever”, “Best Escape from a Snooker”, “Most Hilarious Foul”, “Best Use of Trash-Talk”, and “Most Likely to Need Cue Repair”. Other categories and awards will be announced later.

We are confident that these small changes will provide you with a better playing experience, and hope you will embrace them with enthusiasm.

Matt Kendrick, on behalf of the ACTEBA committee

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