2018 Winter Comp – Rd 7 Results & Team fees

Click on following link to view results after round 7 of Winter Comp played last night – League Stats & Ladder page

A reminder that team fees are due by this Monday, If they are not paid by Monday night you will in cure $10 late fee. After Monday, if the fee (including late fee) is not paid by 7.30pm next Wednesday, you are ineligible to play (and you will be removed from Poolstat match sheet).

Fees are to be paid via the following link – Click to Pay fees

Captains, you can check via the above link if your all your players have paid. Just click on Register, then scroll to your team name and it will say how many registration are remaining. Each team is set to 9 registrations, so if you have 8 players in your team, and Eventbrite says there is 1 registration remaining………. that means all your players have paid.