2018 Winter Comp Fees ***Fees Due 6th August***


See following link to pay your fees for this season.

Click Register, then find your team and select how may people you are paying for (You can pay your fees individually or all players in your team) and then enter your details and the players you are paying for if so)

Fees are due by 6th of August, if you pay after this date you will be charged a late fees of $10. If fees are not paid by 8th August (round 8) you are not eligible to play (and if you do your frames will be forfeited until fees are pay).

If you are a captain and want to track how many of your team has paid…… just go to your team on following link and it will say how many tickets are remaining. Each team is set to 9 tickets, so if you have less than 9 players consider this when working out how many players have paid.

Click here to pay your fees