2018 Proposed ACTEBA Calendar

Click on the following to download proposed Calendar of events for ACTEBA in 2018.
2018 Proposed ACTEBA Calendar 24-10-17 (Excel)
2018 Proposed ACTEBA Calendar 24-10-17 (PDF)

If you have any comments, suggestions, issues…….. please have your say now rather than waiting for the time of the event. I have attempted to avoid long weekends, school holidays and other 8 Ball events around Australia (but can’t avoid clashes with all as it’s a pretty busy schedule).

I will take comments until mid December before locking in dates and finalising the Calendar.

NOTE: The Open Singles and Kings Cup events are locked in due to venue availability. Also the commencement of the Summer comp won’t change.

Once calendar is locked in I will upload to Google Calendar and put on ACTEBA’s website monthly calendar.