2017 Divisional Championships Wrap up

On Saturday we held the 2017 Divisional Championship to determine the best in each division for the year.

Congratulations to all winners, please see below results:

1st Division
 Winner – Shane Smith
 Runner-up – Jason Tanaskovic

2nd Division
 Winner – Michael Masal
 Runner-up – Joseph Rennie

3rd Division
 Winner – William Pu
 Runner-up – Ben Boyd

4th Division
 Winner – Michael Di Munno
 Runner-up – John Pavlic

5th Division
 Winner – George Ngarae
 Runner-up – Brett Carbine

Well done to all the winners and runners-up. Congratulations to all players that qualified for this event, it’s an achievement on its own qualifying in the top 8 in your division.

Thanks to Kylie Power, Theresa Skipper and Matt Dunn for Adjudicating…… much appreciated.